Do you need a translator or an interpreter? Do you have any questions or doubts in this respect?


You may already know how it works. But in case you don’t, here’s a brief explanation:

Interpreting is done orally: an interpreter has a Master in interpreting; or has a Master in translating and furthermore has been sworn (certified) to court for both translating and interpreting.

Translation is done in writing:

A translator or interpreter is sworn to court if their abilities are proven based on a diploma or native language proficiency. And if he or she has sworn an oath in court, authorising him or her to end their translations with an official formula and signature; or to interpret under oath. 

A sworn translation intended for foreign countries must – depending on the institution and/or country of destination – also be legalized. The FPS Foreign Affairs then provides the sworn translation with an apostille or a legalisation sticker, depending on the destinating country.

We offer high-quality translation and interpretation services for the following languages:

About me:

Whether you need a regular, sworn, or authorized translation, we are here to help! Send us your text via email and we will provide you with a price and deadline on the same day or the next morning.

For interpretation jobs, send us an email or call us if it is urgent. We have highly trained interpreters who can assist you with any interpretation needs.

A brief summary of my career

1978-1982: Master degree in translation.

1984: sworn to the court.

1991-now: freelance assignments for private individuals and authorities.

2014-now: self-employed translator.

2017-now: included in the National Register of Translators and Interpreters initiated by the FPS Justice.

"Enthusiastic, motivated, service-minded. Quality tops time. A word is a word."


Translation rates:

Note: you do not pay VAT, because, as a small business, we are not taxable for VAT.

What types of translations?

A brief, not exhaustive list:


Interpreting assignments:

Private individuals:
Weddings, driving exams, social services, magistrates, schools, etc. 

Interpreting assignments by police, prosecutors, or lawyers: interrogations of individuals who do not speak the official languages: marriages of convenience, asylum procedures. 

€50 per hour.
(€12.50 per quarter hour).
€0.15 per kilometre.

Note: you do not pay VAT, because, as a small business, we are not taxable for VAT. 

Driving exam centres in Sint-Niklaas, Asse; VAB driving school, Vroomse driving school.
Lawyers: Casalex, Arcas Law.
Dozens of private individuals.


Translations preferably by email as a PDF. If you are unable to scan, please send a clear photo by email.

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Registration number: VTI5397644
IBAN: BE46 7360 7383 3636